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 E61 shuttle espresso machine

E61 shuttle espresso machine

Product ID : 8670
 Product Name   E61 shuttle espresso machine
 Product Brand  
 Quantity   1 unit
 Condition   New
 Weight   28 kg
  •  E61 Shuttle Espresso Machine.

    In functional terms, the Shuttle is built entirely from genuine Italian parts to our exacting standards,
  •  The thermosyphon circulation system, so only fresh water please (nothing boiled)
    • Three litre fresh water tank
    • Warming tray for 12 espresso and three cappuccino cups
    • Automatic, microprocessor-driven water uptake of the boiler
    • Commercial valves for steam outlet and hot water dispensing
    • Solid chrome plated and polished group
    • Copper tubing with brass fittings and screws
    • Control lamp for indication of water shortage
    • High performance vibration pump
    • 1.8 litre boiler
    • Pump pressure gauge
  • Specifications

    * Stainless steel polished finish
    * 330 mm in width 
    * 420 mm in depth 
    * 350 mm in height 
    * 28 kg in weight 
    * 1,300 watts and 220 volts of power
 Price: 39,000.00฿  

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