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 coffee roaster

coffee roaster

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 Product Name   coffee roaster
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 The Gene Café coffee roaster runs off a 13amp plug, for operational use it is best to postion the roaster in a well ventilated area or near an open window. Roasting produces hot gasses and smoke, so ventilation is crucial to stop the area you are roasting in being filled with smoke. While using the roaster, always stay with the roaster and observe the roasting process. Do not leave the roaster unattended, because of the high temperatures involved if there is any fire you will need to cut the power and extinguish any flames. Follow the instructions carefully and clean the chaff collector and exhaust chute well after every use, to remove the chaff from the roast which if left in the roaster can catch fire.

The Gene Cafe features (see picture below)
·        (1) hot air extraction and collection of Chaff in a removeable collector away from the heat source.
·        (2 + 3) removeable bean mixing chamber with active heat distribution
·        (4) Heat blown into the roasting drum/mixing chamber
·        (5) Closeable lid to maintain roasting chamber temperature
·        (6) 300g maximum green coffee roasting weight
·        (7) Roast time upto 18 minutes approximately depending on green coffee weight, darkness of roast desired and coffee origin
Dials adjust both your desired roast Temperature and also the length of time the roast will run. At any point during the roast cycle you can freely adjust time and temperature as you see the roasting progressing - save a roast from getting too dark or extend a roast that would end too light.

Gene Cafe
Mixing type
Vortex twisting
Cooling type
Ambient temp. forced ventilation (approx. 10min)
Heating type
Indirect hot wind (Approx 18mins roast time)
Heating temp. range
Temp. control
0~250°C by an electronic thermostat
Heater cap.
Power supply
230 VAC/50Hz
Chamber Material
Heat-resisting tempered glass tube(PYREX)
300g (max. 350g)
Power consumption
1200 Watt
65db (Similar to fridge's noise)
383 X 243 X 229 (mm)

 Price: 24,900.00฿  

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